Agent Login

With Royal+ you will be able to Issue tickets anytime, anywhere for your customers.

Some new enhancements and features:

  • Agency User Management - As an Agency Owner, you will have full control of the Booking Engine, this will enable you to manage and create other users/agents.
  • End to End solution - New post booking features will offer you the possibility to manage and issue tickets seamlessly.
  • One Stop Shop - Single login to manage your bookings, your RSRP (Royal Scenic Rewards Points) and request additional products like Tours and Groups.
  • Centralized Solution – You will be able to import offline bookings into Royal+ and manage all online/offline bookings in one place.
  • Traveler Information Management – You will be able to manage or update SSR Information (DoB and Gender), check fare rules, Baggage policy and apply multiple forms of payment.
  • Simplicity – Royal+ users would require minimal GDS knowledge and absolutely no training needed to start booking.


To log in to our new Royal+ Booking Engine, you would need your agency phone number that is registered with us, a user name and password.

If you forgot your password or would like to reset your password, click HERE.
If you are a new agent or agency and would like to register to use our booking engine, please click HERE 
If you have an existing agent profile, click HERE to update or edit.