Reservation & Ticketing


ECAD: +1 905 946 2228 / Toll Free 1-888-302-8886
(Mon – Fri: 0900 – 1800, Sat: 1030 – 1530)

WCAD: +1 604 270 1236 / Toll Free 1-877-736-6028
(Mon – Fri: 0900 – 1800, Sat: 1030 – 1530)

If you are looking for fare quotes or making a new booking, please visit and login to search/make bookings. If you don’t have an account, contact your account manager to setup your account and also know the benefits we are offering to agent partners.


You can come to our PCC/Office ID to check our fares and for quotation.

Please talk to your account manager to setup the bridge access.

Amadeus – YTOC4216X
Sabre – 32QC
Apollo – 25RO


Eastern Canada: 9:30 – 23:00 EST (Mon-Fri), 11:00 – 21:00 EST (Sat), (Sun & Holidays) CLOSED
Western Canada: 9:30 – 23:00 PST (Mon-Fri), 11:00 – 21:00 PST (Sat), (Sun & Holidays) CLOSED

** Once the file is queued, if agents do not receive the e-ticket or invoice within 1 hour, please follow up with a call **


GDS formats for transferring the PNR from your PCC to RSH are outlined below. The user must have supervisory capability in their respective GDS to perform these functions. You may need to contact your GDS Help Desk for further assistance.


T2F1 I3A9

YY stands for the two letter initials of the person releasing the PNR

Send email to with Subject Line: Sabre PNR – XXXXXX, Please Issue


YY stands for the two letter initials of the person releasing the PNR

Send email to  with Subject Line: Sabre PNR – XXXXXX, Please Issue


2A1G (Q88) 23JU (Q88)
QEP/2A1G/88 QEP/23JU/88


YTOC4211R (Q88) YVRC4212L (Q88)
ES/GYTOC4211R-B <enter>
RFXX <enter> XX Agent Name
ER <enter>
QE/YTOC4211R/88 <enter>
ES/GYVRC4212L-B <enter>
RFXX <enter> XX Agent Name
ER <enter>
QE/YVRC4212L/88 <enter>


• Create the PNR in your own GDS and transfer it to Royal Scenic for ticket issuance. (If its outside of office hours, all ticketing/support is only through email

• Ticketing turnaround time is normally within 1 hour. Request you to queue the files with a reasonable time before deadline (ticketing time limit). Royal Scenic will not be responsible for any files that is queued with very minimum/short ticketing deadline/time limit.

• During after office hours (Call Center Hours are regular office/business hours) only ticketing or exchange related files will be taken care. Any quotation will have to wait for next business day, unless URGENT of travel within 72 hours.

• Prior to sending the PNR (Standard Instructions)
1) Make sure the passenger’s names are correct. The agent of the CHD/INF should be mentioned in the name field properly.
2) The SSR/DOB Information for all passengers are clearly entered.
3) Enter the charge amount for each passenger.
4) Any special instructions should be added in the PNR remarks. (Fares with/without bags, any specific fare family to issue ticket on to avoid any restrictions)
5) FoP for each passenger should be updated in the FoP field. If Multiple FoP, then indicate the Pax Name Number from the name field in the FoP as well.
6) Mention the agent who is queueing the file along with Agent Name, Phone and Email so they can be contacted for any clarifications, especially if the file is sent for ticketing after office hours.
7) In order for RSH to receive the PNR, the agent must complete the transaction with Receive and End entry.
8) Royal Scenic team will follow the instructions on the PNR and issue the ticket as well as send invoice to the agency owner.
9) For queue files, we don’t send the eticket and will leave it to the booking agent to send as they would have the ownership/control of the PNR.