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CAS Agent Fam Trips

Royal Scenic is pleased to host Fam Trips for our agents. Please email to rshtours@royalscenic.com or contact our Tour Department at:

1-888-302-8886 (Eastern Canada)
1-877-630-8882 (Quebec)
1-877-736-6028 (Western Canada)

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2019 thailand fam

Exclusively for unrivalled excellence and luxury-minded globetrotters. Join us to see and experience the superb luxury Anantara hotels , Thai original cultural cities of Chiang Rai / Chiang Mai and well-known natural beauty of Krabi.

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CAS Philippines FAM TOUR
A FUN Route of Philippines

Manila, Philippine’s Capital city is a blend of Spanish colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers.
Cebu, the port capital retains landmarks from its 16th century Spanish colonial past.
Visit to the beautiful beaches of Palawan.
El Nido, the world’s famous diving and water sports paradise .
Puerto Princesa, a coastal city with massive limestone caves, underground river and home to long-nosed dolphins, turtles, rays.
A visit to a grassy area where the fireflies stay during the day and then light up as they fly to the surround trees at night.
UNESCO site visit – Bohol Chocolate Hills which form a rolling terrain of haycock hills, over 1,500 mounds of a generally conical and almost symmetrical shape.

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2019 japan fam

Be the first one to view the new Cruise Terminal, Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal in Tokyo (Grand opening on 14Jul2020). Visit 5 of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Kumano Kodo, Todai-Ji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kiyomizu-Dera and Kinkakuji Temple. Explore Tokyo and Osaka like locals with public transportation. Hot Spring hotel with Japanese onsen bath experiences

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