Certified Asia Specialist

Learn, Sell and Experience Asia

Asia is a grand and diverse region with spectacular natural, cultural and historical attractions. Exploring Asia can be exhilarating, fascinating and unforgettable. There is so much to Asia, but learning Asia, selling it as a destination, and experiencing this great region as a travel professional can all be efficiently done through Royal Scenic’s Certified Asia Specialist (CAS) program. Become a CAS Agent Now!

Learn: Study and test your knowledge through an engaging online learning platform and webinars on what, why and how to sell Asia.

Sell: Equip yourself with the essential knowledge that will help you sell, and get access to Royal Scenic’s breadth of Asian products and exclusive specials.

Experience: Join FAM trips throughout the year with priority and exclusive pricing to experience Asia yourself.

Learn, sell and experience Asia

The CAS program is the only multi-destination specialist online training program in Canada that will help travel agents to:

  • Gain knowledge that will help you sell more travel products to Asian destinations
  • Enjoy a suite of benefits that are exclusive to CAS agents

Exclusive Benefits for CAS Agents:

  • Recognition as a specialist upon graduation
  • Incentives such as higher commission and bonus Royal Scenic Reward points
  • Reduced prices and priotity on Royal Scenic’s FAM trips
  • Sales support and marketing

2020 CAS Course

The online learning program is intended to educate you on select popular destinations in Asia. At your own pace, you are required to read all of the study units, and take the corresponding quiz for destination modules. Each quiz is comprised of 3 sets of 10 questions. You must achieve 80% in each section in order to successfully pass that unit. To graduate from the CAS program, agents must sell one Asia tour product through Royal Scenic within one year of passing the course in order to get the certificate. There is no restriction for the order of the course so feel free to start and complete any unit as you please. You can also access your program status and review grades any time you wish.

If any problems arise please try contacting your Royal Scenic sales representative or email the course administrator at cas@royalscenic.com. Good luck!

Royal Scenic would like to Thank the China National Tourism Board, Japan National Tourism Board, Taiwan Tourism Board, Philippines Tourism Board and the Thailand Tourism Board for their support and contributions to the CAS course.


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